cambridge taxi services

Cambridge, being a major city of England, happens to attract majority of the taxi service providers in the country. Though the taxi services can be costly at times, the services provided by the Cambridge taxi companies are totally worth it. The frequency of taxis available in Cambridge is truly impressive.

There are a lot of other modes of public transportation in the city like buses, trains etc. However, since taxis are most easily available and the only door to door transportation service available, it is highly preferred by the people of Cambridge. Cambridge taxi services are constantly empowered by several facilities available in Cambridge, like Park and Ride under which  parking spaces for about 4500 cars are provided at many important locations of the city like Madingley Road, Trumpington, Newmarket Road and Milton.

Taxis are usually preferred for smaller distances, and are very cheap for such purposes. Many students, who do not own a private vehicle often take a ride to the university, and this has been a very frequent practice, since Cambridge is also the university city of England. However, at the same time, if you wish to travel for longer distances, say, from Cambridge to Peterborough, it can be a very costly affair. Cambridge taxis generally run on a meter system. Under which you have to pay a pre-set price per mile. But some companies also offer you a fixed fare for a known distance. For that, you will have to come to an agreement with the taxi company in advance. The taxi fare is also dependent upon the time at which you travel. It can cost you more during the ‘rush hour’. This is also called the process of ‘price surging’. Usually the taxi fare is set by the company for a fixed number of passengers, say, 2 or 3. But if you wish to travel with an extra friend of yours, you might end up paying more. Due to the increasing competition in the market, many taxi companies offer some great discounts, which help the passengers to decide which company to opt for.

In every taxi running in the city of Cambridge, you will find the licensing scheme for the driver, issued by the taxi company, at the back of the taxi. It also contains the photo and the details of the driver. It is strictly forbidden for the passenger, in his interests, to board a taxi which does not have any licensing scheme displayed on it. You also get a helpline number to report if you suspect any activity of the driver or if wish to lodge any complaint regarding the taxi ride.