cambridge airport transfers 01

Are you going to land at the Heathrow airport during late hours? You need not worry about those situations anymore. At your rescue, licensed taxis would be the best option for you. Even when your flights are delayed you get the option of rescheduling your pickup, free of cost. At that instant the thought of travelling 57 miles to Cambridge will haunt you less.

Almost every person landing at the airport will need a pickup, unless you have someone to pick you up. Hence, the taxi services in Cambridge has to be efficient enough, compulsorily, to cater the needs of the city. Some popular airport transfers could be from Gatwick Airport, London City Airport, Stansted Airport and the Heathrow Airport, of course. Many taxi companies provide the very professional ‘meet and greet’ services, which includes a ‘Welcome’ text with your name and greetings at the Arrivals gate. With the advancement in technology, it is possible that once you give your flight details, the taxi companies are also able to monitor the arrival and departure schedule of your flight.

The taxis are equipped with the latest Global Positioning System (GPS) technology which is of a big help if you are on a tight schedule. Using GPS, the driver gets the idea of choosing the correct route based upon several factors such as traffic, elevation etc. There are a few taxi companies, like OrigaCars, which can help you with your special requirements like checking-in. The one thing that is very important for Cambridge airport transfers, is the sense of punctuality. You don’t want your taxi to be late, especially after a, say, 2 hour long flight. Waiting at the airports after a long flight can be really irking at times.

Cost-wise, generally, Cambridge airport transfers are a bit more expensive than the normal rides. The obvious reasons could be toll taxes, sudden price surges and the long distances. But, the good thing is that, due to the tough competition, taxi companies, themselves, are offering excellent discounts for you. Hence, your pockets won’t feel light much.